Silver & Riley's founder couldn't find a luxury travel bag she loved. So, she created her own


In her jet-setting life as a business consultant, Lola Banjo has visited more than a hundred countries. But as she hit the road, she never found a travel bag she loved. 

As she observed what her colleagues carried, she came across many high-performing bags, from brands like Tumi and Rimowa. But she imagined herself carrying luggage with a bit more personality. “These brands that make good bags, but I thought we could add some razzle-dazzle to them,” she says. “After searching around for years, I decided that I could design my own bag.”

In 2019, a decade after she first had the idea, Banjo launched her own brand, Silver & Riley, which makes duffles and handbags priced between $395 and $995. The bags come in many colors of Italian leather, from fiery red crocodile print to a fashion forward olive green, and they’re equipped with useful pockets and straps that allow people to carry them in a variety of ways. Importantly, they’re designed to be hard-wearing enough for years of regular use.

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